pkpd.protocols.protocol_pkpd_scale_to_common_dose module

class pkpd.protocols.protocol_pkpd_scale_to_common_dose.ProtPKPDScaleToCommonDose(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: pkpd.protocols.protocol_pkpd.ProtPKPD

Scale to common dose

If the system is linear, then we may scale all measurements as if all individuals had been given the same dose. In this way we may construct a cleaner version of the response (by averaging) and use this cleaner version to find the initial parameters of the rest of samples.

This protocol calculates the total dose of each individual and constructs new individuals such that Cnew = Cold * newDose/oldDose

The old dose is evaluated in a period (by default, 1 week) that should include all doses Protocol created by


Define the type of variables required (used in wizard).

runChange(objId, labels, newDose, t0, tF)[source]