continuousflex.viewers.nma_plotter module

class continuousflex.viewers.nma_plotter.FlexNmaPlotter(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: continuousflex.viewers.plotter.FlexPlotter

Add some extra plot utilities to XmippPlotter class, mainly for NMA vectors plotting of the deformations.txt file.

createSubPlot(title, xlabel, ylabel)[source]

Create a subplot in the figure. You should provide plot title, and x and y axis labels. yformat True specified the use of global self.plot_yformat Posibles values for projection are:

‘aitoff’, ‘hammer’, ‘lambert’, ‘mollweide’, ‘polar’, ‘rectilinear’
plotArray1D(title, xlabel, ylabel)[source]
plotArray2D(title, xlabel, ylabel)[source]
plotArray3D(title, xlabel, ylabel, zlabel)[source]
continuousflex.viewers.nma_plotter.plotArray2D(ax, data)[source]